VIP Community Services

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Vocational Instruction Project (VIP) Community Services is dedicated to transforming lives and enhancing the community. It offers a continuum of services, including primary care, housing, medication assisted treatment (MAT), outpatient substance use treatment, mental health treatment, residential substance use treatment, case-management, and care coordination, among others.

VIP's person-centered philosophy promotes individualized care by ensuring that treatments and services provided are adapted to meet each recipient’s specific needs. This is accomplished by VIP effectively tackling addiction, physical and mental wellness, homelessness and transitional housing, in ways that allow people to discover their own unique path to recovery and achieve greater self-efficacy. It is also VIP’s belief that these positive individual changes will later transform respective families and even communities in the same manner.

VIP serves as the community-based organization partner to the Columbia Center for Community Health by making available services that address social determinants of health, providing clinical care linkages to community members seeking medical attention, and cross-training community health workers with VIP staff.