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Practical Skills Training

The practical skills training takes place during the last two weeks of the 8-week Community Health Worker training program. During this in-person session, trainees are immersed with a hands-on learning experience where they learn to measure blood pressure manually, A1C testing, and apply the health information they gained during the didactic portion of the training.

Two women wear masks as one woman in eyeglasses stands to demonstrate how to check for blood pressure on the seated woman's arm.
Trainee demonstrating a manual blood pressure assessment on a classmate.
A group of students gather in class while being led in discussion by a Nurse Educator wearing a gray sweater and dark rimmed eyeglasses
InTOuCH Nurse Community Educator, Ulda Louis-Pierre, providing a demonstration on A1C testing to cohort 16.
Two women wearing face masks demonstrate blood pressure checking as one woman stands to place the cuff around the arm of a seated womanin a white sweater
A trainee administers a Blood Pressure cuff on a woman
Dr. Mallaiah wears a black and white striped blouse as she speaks to a room full of students wearing face masks
Program Director, Dr.Janhavi Mallaiah, leading a training on cholesterol and blood glucose testing to cohort 14.
Dr. Mallaiah stands wearing a black and white striped top, plastic gloves and face maks to demonstrate blood glucose testing to a group of students standing around a table while wearing face masks.
Program Director, Dr.Janhavi Mallaiah, leading a training on cholesterol and blood glucose testing to cohort 14.


Every year, the InTOuCH team hosts a graduation ceremony for participants who completed the Fall and Spring training.

Exterior shot of multiple graduates of cohort 15 celebrate while holding caps and certificates
Graduates of cohort 15 celebrate receiving their certificate.
Two women dressed in colorful blouses and a black cap with tassel smile while holding a frame that reads congrat grad
Graduates Adrienne C. and Carolyn M. pose together at graduation photo booth.
Three gentlemen dressed in suits standing together while smiling for a photo.  Gentlemen in the center holds an InTouch Program Award.
CHW Neal S. receiving the Harmon L. Moats award for outstanding community service.
Room filled with seated guests attending the Summer 2023 graduation ceremony
Guest at the 2023 summer graduation
Exterior shot of multiple graduates standing side by side wearing caps while smiling for camera.
Graduates of cohort 14 celebrate receiving their certificate.
A woman dressed in a black and gold trimmed blouse and dark rimmed eyeglasses wears a black graduation cap while standing underneath a congrats signage and a colorful array of balloons adorn the wall
Graduate Pauline W. of cohort 15

Screening Events

As trained community health workers (CHW), our CHWs are able to organize health screening events at the faith based and/or community based organizations they are members of. During the screening events, they engage in educating the community on the risk factors associated with stroke and heart disease and also provide health counseling related to the health behaviors and health factors that encompass the American Heart Associations’ “Life's Essential 8”.

A woman dressed in InTOuch cap and shirt checks an elderly man's blood pressure while noting details on paper.
Blood pressure screening event at ABSW Senior Citizen Center in Harlem ( Dec. 2023)
Four InTOuch members two seated and two standing smile into camera while seated behind a table covered with supplies and an InTOuch banner draped across the table
Blood pressure screening event in partnership with VIP Services during a community resource fair ( March 2023)
A man dressedin an InTOuch shirt while weairng a kufi and dark rimmed eyeglasses administer blood pressure checking on a seated woman wearing a pink top.
Blood pressure screening at Columbia University’s Manhattanville Community Day (Spring 2022)
A seated woman in a red headwrap receives Blood Pressure check by a seated female InTOuch member.  Closeby another InTOuch member stands next to a seated woman wearing a yellow ball cap in review of a chart.
Blood pressure screening at Columbia University’s Manhattanville Community Day (Spring 2022)
An InTOuch member sits while in discussion with an elderly male seated next to her at an InTOuch event
InTOuCH event at St. John’s Baptist Church
InTOuch members are seated at a table draped in the blue InTOuch banner while speaking with community members during a health screening event
Blood pressure screening at Cathedral of Saint John Divine with Cathedral Community Cares during their Sunday Soup Kitchen hours (Summer 2023)
Various men and women stand and sit around an InTOuch draped table whle smiling into camera for a photo
Health screening at the annual golf tournament with100 Black Men ( Summer 2023)
Members of the community are seated around a table with a blue InTOuch banner draped over while in discussion
Blood pressure screening at Columbia University’s Manhattanville Community Day (Fall 2023)
Exterior shot of InTOuch members seated and standing behind a table with supplies while smiling at the camera for the photo
InTOuCH CHWs at a health fair with St. Luke Baptist Church (Summer 2023)