Cooling Centers

Caught in the heat and not sure where to go? Try a cooling center.

Cindy Hsu
June 24, 2019

Cooling centers are public places located throughout the city to help individuals beat the heat and stay cool. These centers include libraries, community centers, NYCHA facilities, and senior centers. Extreme heat, humidity, and poor air quality can lead to health hazards caused by increased body temperature.

Extreme heat is a hazard that many New Yorkers and urban dwellers are at risk for.

Extreme heat is defined as temperatures that are an estimated 10 degrees higher than usual in combination with high humidity that is ongoing for several days.

The reason why New Yorkers and urban citizens are more at risk for heat exhaustion is primarily due to the infrastructure that makes up the city; asphalt, concrete, and metal are high heat trappers. This is known as the "urban heat island effect."