About the Center for Community Health

Columbia Center for Community Health is led by neurologist Olajide Williams and public health expert Robert Fullilove, both known for their pioneering approaches to improving public health in Harlem and Washington Heights.

In 2023, Columbia University Wellness Center was renamed Columbia Center for Community Health to reflect the increased scope of providing more community health worker training and to increase its community impact.

Columbia Center for Community Health: Training, Outreach, Research, Screening, Workforce Development

This new name will help us move our mission forward, alongside the Institute for Training Outreach and Community Health (InTOuCH) and Community Health Worker programs, allowing us to meet our objectives by providing the community with preventive measures related to stroke and cardiovascular disease, mental health screening, and outreach services.

The power of a community to create health is far greater than any doctor, clinic, or hospital.

We will engage and broaden our community partnerships guided by a Public Health Critical Race Praxis framework for promoting health. The Columbia Center for Community Health will continue to expand community health programming by deepening relationships with local faith and community-based organizations, to include other marginalized groups such as formerly incarcerated residents who have shown leadership and excellence in community advocacy.