Community Health Worker Program Reaches 100 Alumni

Our interns, Sarah Lackey and Churchill Anusionwu, write about their experience attending the InTOuCH graduation that took place in early August.

Editor's note:

The Community Health Worker training program will resume in October 2019.

Churchill Anusionwu
Sarah Lackey
August 28, 2019

Sarah Lackey, InTOuCH intern 

The InTOuCH program has just celebrated the graduation of its newest Community Health Workers. Members of Cohorts 7, 8, and 9, along with friends and family, gathered at the Jerome L. Greene Science Center on the morning of Tuesday, August 6 for a ceremony to honor the achievements of our hardworking InTOuCH graduates. The graduates dedicated eight weeks of their time to learn about relevant healthcare topics and receive technical training on A1C, blood pressure, BMI counseling, and insurance enrollment. Now that they have completed the course, the newly minted InTOuCH Community Health Workers will begin their lifelong journeys of providing basic health services to their communities and beyond. InTOuCH has trained 100 Community Health Workers to date, and is looking for more dedicated volunteers to join the next InTOuCH group. Congratulations to all of our graduates! We know you’ll be doing amazing things for your communities as InTOuCH alumni.

Churchill Anusionwu

The InTOuCH Program is operated by the Stroke Division of the Neurological Institute at Columbia University. This program is also sponsored by the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute Wellness Center and is subsidized by the President’s office at Columbia University.  The InTOuCH Program authorizes regional citizens with the resources necessary to evolve into Community Health Workers, representatives whom are trusted and affiliated with the neighborhood. The program was founded by Dr. Olajide Williams, the Chief Medical Officer of Neurology and stroke neurologist. The predominant responsibility for Community Health Workers is to supply rudimentary health resources which establishes an impact on the community. These resources pertain to the knowledge of prevention for stroke and cardiovascular disease. This program also offers blood pressure readings and provides assistance towards the registration of healthcare.


The graduation ceremony commenced by a brief introduction from the master of ceremony Mr. Easy AD. In succession, Dr. Olajide Williams was recognized and welcomed into the ceremony. The history of the InTOuCH program was then narrated by Mr. Harmon Moats, the senior program manager. In succession, Dr. Robert E. Fullilove, the Associate Dean of Community and Minority Affairs, addressed his keynote specifically pertaining to the predominant responsibilities of the community health workers with regards to public health under the program. The participant reflection was provided by Mr. Tony Taylor, the valedictorian of the 2019 InTOuCH graduating class. Succeeding the participant reflection, the graduation certificates were presented and the closing remarks were given by Dr. Janhavi Mallaiah, the program manager.