Saturday Science: Fall 2019

The Wellness Center engages the community in getting blood pressure screenings so that they may take action toward healthy lifestyle adjustments.

Nohemy Aguirre
November 11, 2019

While children are hopping from station to microscope engaging in the latest neuroscience research, the Wellness Center is screening adults for high blood pressure.

For it's second year in a row, the Wellness Center has used Saturday Science as a way to engage the adults walking into the lobby of the Jerome L. Greene Science Center.


It's an effortless way to talk to the parents, teachers, and guardians about ways in which they can improve their health.

The blue table cloth is spread out neatly across the surface of the table. Educational material on blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, and stroke is laid out in front for passerby's to grab and take. Blood pressure machines are propped on both sides of the table along with complementary blood pressure tracking cards, which the staff use to write the client's results on. 

After the client gets their reading, we invite them to go through a Stroke Risk Scorecard test designed by the National Stroke Association. The test consists of checking off a list of risk factors categorized from low-risk to high-risk. Risk factors include blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, exercise, and a few others. When you're done, you total your score at the bottom of each column and compare with the stroke risk levels on the back.

We've found that by walking individuals through the Stroke Risk Scorecard Test, they have the information needed to assess their own lifestyle habits and risk factors in a way that will promote healthier lifestyle changes.